6 Tips to Succeed as a Manager

You have the ideal qualities of a manager. You are already in the seat of responsibility and want to succeed in your current role. The following are some tips to help you achieve that.

1. Focus

What you focus on is important. You should focus on one thing at a time in a given time-frame. Prioritize your focus. You should regularly share your focus with your team members. One of the outstanding qualities of a successful manager is clarity of thought, action and vision.

If you do not plan your focus, your team performance may recede. You understand that the collective performance of your team is tied to your performance. So you have to give thought on how you plan your focus.

2. Agility and ability

To get to your goals faster, you need to be fast and consistent. Gone are the days of slow and steady. The new world beckons only the fast and consistent breed. Be equipped with agile management tools, techniques and methodologies. Attend workshops and get an insight of how organizations are run. Focus on running the show.

3. Read a lot

The more you read the more experience you get without travelling anywhere. Reading opens up your mind to other possibilities. You are in a better position to understand your managerial style. You have a solid backdrop of knowledge to base your assessments on.

4. Lead by example

As a successful manager, you focus on leading by example. You should not preach the virtues of coming to office on time, if you are coming late to office every day. Your actions will create a top-down effect on the team. It will influence how your team works. You hold the responsibility of defining the working culture in your team.

5. Listening more to learn more

The more you listen and assimilate, the more you tend to learn. Listening and learning is better than reading and learning. When you listen, you are actually thinking on your feet. Learning while you listen will help you make decisions on your feet. This is unlike reading something and understanding it. You have ample time to make your decision in this case.

6. Managing relationships with your employees

Always maintain a working relationship with your team. Understand them better to know how to react to them. To avoid confusions, you also try to build a rapport with your team members. Building rapport wins their trust and may enable them to perform better.



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