6 Tips For Efficient Project Management

Project management is an art that not many posses. There is a lot of difference between someone who just does project management and the one who does it effectively. There are certain factors that need to be paid attention, in order to make project management effective. Project management involves various challenges and the following tips would be helpful in making it effective.


One of the most important factors in project management is to have a deadline for completing the project. Without a strict deadline, project completion will stretch out of bounds. Set milestones for each member in the team on daily, weekly and monthly basis to ensure everyone contributes towards the success of project.

Identify skill set

The key for successful project management is to identify the skill set of team members. You need to find out who is good in doing what and entrust work based on their ability. If somebody is not good in certain area, move him / her to other task in which they are interested to contribute.

Lively atmosphere

Make sure every team member works with pleasure, not pressure. You need to create a lively atmosphere for your team to perform well. Hurrying up the matter too much might create havoc in the team and this could lead to avoidable mistakes. A good working atmosphere will help the team members to work with positive energy and accomplish the task faster.

Praise the team members

Inspiration is as important as that of ability to perform well. You can inspire the team members by showering praise for their good work. One or two inspiring words can do a world of good to the confidence of team members. Don’t hesitate to give them the credit they deserve.

Say no

No, the one word that many of us hesitate to say in our lives can do wonders. Never commit to things which you cannot accomplish. Be prepared to say no when it is not possible for you and the team to do a particular task or meet unrealistic deadline.


Before you actually set out on a new project, there should be clarity in what is expected. Any project where there is no clarity could lead the team to uncertainty. Unless there is clarity with respect to project details, roles of each member in the team, budget involved and output etc, the project cannot be successful.

The success of a project will revolve around these 6 factors.



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