Guidelines to Hire and Fire Employees

The following tips help you with guidelines to hire and fire employees. You should know when to induct employees in your organization and when to let them go.

Hiring steps

Interview - Conduct an insightful interview. Assess if the employee is fit for the job. Do not make the interview and interrogation. Understand the psycholgoical aspects of the employee. Understand the expectations of the employee.

Background check - Engage the services of a background verification firm to conduct background checks. You ensure that employees with a criminal background or fake experience do not get into your company. Background checks are also a part of your workplace safety strategy.

Employee identification number - Contact the U.S Internal Revenue Service and obtain an employee identification number (EIN). EIN is essential for tax payments of the employee. You report an employee to state agencies by way of this identification number.

Records of employment taxes - You need to keep a record of taxes for 4 years. You also keep business records to analyze the progress of your business. You will regularly come up with financial statements, keep tabs on deductible expenditure, keep your tax returns ready, and so on.

Form W-4 - This form is provided to all employees of the organization before the employment date. This form is then filed with the Internal Revenue Service by the employer.

Form W-2 - This form encloses the wages paid to the employees and must be filed by the employer.

Employee eligibility verification - Employers must verify if employees they hire are eligible to work in the United States. This is filled in an I-9 form and furnished by the employer with the federal agencies.

Registering with the new hire reporting program - Employers must inform the state directory of newly hired employees.

Worker’s Insurance - Employers are required to obtain worker’s compensation insurance.

Paying unemployment insurance taxes - Employers should pay these taxes. In certain circumstances these taxes apply.

Workforce safety - Employers are required to provide adequate workforce safety when hiring employees. Before inducting employees, all employees should be trained in harmless fire drills. This is the prerogative of the employer.

Firing Steps

Firing personnel is a stressful activity. Often the management does not want to do it. Despite perfect job profiles, and good interviews, it is sometimes not enough to get the best employee. When you terminate someone, here are the guidelines.

Review the performance and take action only if it is unsatisfactory to avoid post-employment discrimination suit.

An employment attorney should be consulted. A separation agreement is created. Employees are given twenty one days to consider this agreement.

Keep the news of the severance under wraps.

The witness of the termination act should only be the management.

Explain the severance pay and the nature of the termination.

Ask the employee to surrender all company items.

Employees may file unemployment claims. At this time, an employment attorney should be able to provide some direction regarding this.



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