Managing an Ethical Organization

Ethics in business are in far too short a supply in this day and age. While it is entirely possible to successfully run a morally bankrupt and evil company, you will ultimately end up suffering dearly for it. Even if the law does not catch you, and even if you are a total sociopath who feels neither pity nor remorse, in the end there is no escaping the karma that being unethical brings about. So run your organization ethically. Here are a few ways you can do so and still be successful with it.

Treat Others as You Would Like to Be Treated

While a lot of people criticize the golden rule as being naive, it actually works. When you show others the kind of care and concern that you would like to receive, most people will respond pleasantly to it. The few people who will not respond positively are generally not the kinds of people you would want to work with in the first place. As well, when you eventually need a favor or advice from someone else, they will remember how you treated them in the past. If you treated them with kindness, helpfulness and respect, they will happily help you. Good luck crossing a burnt bridge, though.

Only Deal With Trustworthy People

There are times when shady and evil people have their usefulness. Typically, these types of people are great for shadowy, underworld types of operations. Unless you intend to commission thefts or assassinations, leave these people off of your payroll and keep them as far away from you as possible. Remember that a person is who they associate with, and if you deal with bad people you will become one yourself.

Show Trust

Trusting other people is one of the hardest things you will ever have to do, but it is also essential when you run any kind of organization. While trusting people may not sound like it has anything to do with ethics, trust has everything to do with it. Without a sincere level of trust, your organization will turn into little more than a bunch of spies constantly lying to and trying to get one over on each other -- not a practical place to get much else done.

Tell the Truth, for Better or Worse

The truth usually hurts a lot, but without it you won't be acting ethically. While you shouldn't be rude, you would be very wise to confess to any wrongdoings on your part or any mistakes you may have made. Punishments tend to be far less severe for people of real character.



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