5 Ideas to Motivate Your Staff

To keep workflow smooth and enhance overall productivity at workplace, employers need to keep the workers motivated. However, a pay hike or monetary motivation is not the only method available for them. Company owners can resort to various innovative and creative ideas to keep their employees happy and work oriented.

  1. An effective way to keep employees content and work oriented is a provision for occasional entertainment and events that act as stress busters. Theme parties and annual day celebrations are ideal occasions that allow the ice to melt and help employers strengthen the bond with staffs. Sometimes, small tokens of appreciations from employers win them the trust of employees. Some companies make it a point to celebrate birthday of individual employees and give them gifts. This is a tried and tested psychological approach to make workers feel special. They feel that the management and employer care for their personal occasion which makes them motivated.
  2. Sometimes employers can make their workers cheerful without an explicit appreciation as well. They can use personal emails and thank you cards to keep work morale of employee’s high. To make employees feel they are active participants in growth of the company employers can encourage their involvement in workshops, events like sports. This also works well for improved peer bondage.
  3. Employers need to adopt tactful measures to extract maximum performance from employees without any sign of intimidation. Some companies use incentive and rewards for the best performer among employees to encourage productivity.
  4. Motivational speeches often work wonders to keep staffs motivated towards work. Employers or company management can resort to such speeches with events like performance appraisals. It often helps to keep workers inspired, and productive motivational articles can be used to do this. Such articles and discourses by industry leaders and management icons can be published in company magazines and newsletters periodically.
  5. Employers should make their workers feel that they have the right to submit their grievances, inconveniences and demands to the management. A number of organizations offer employees the provision of a feedback box where they can submit their feedback on seniors, company policies and various other issues in a discreet but effective manner. To appeal to the emotional side of employees, company owners can offer them solidarity and support in times of need. Monetary and other support to employees stuck in personal crisis or emergency creates a positive image for a company. Small workspace related things that make employees feel their opinion is important can also keep them happy. For instance, employers can ask opinions of the staffs during office renovation or interior spruce ups.




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