5 Tips to Shine as an Employee

You want to be noticed at work and are eager to shine at whatever you do at the workplace. If this is the attitude you carry, then you may not know how to go about it. The following tips help you achieve that.

1. Reliability and dependability

This is the most important attribute of a successful employee. If you are reliable and dependable, you win the trust of your management. You have to come to work every day and on time. In case you are late, care to inform your peers or your supervisor.

Take ownership of all your responsibilities. Don’t wait to be told what to do. Be proactive and reach out to the appropriate people to discuss what needs to be done. Ownership is the distinguishing factor that will make you different from the rest.

2. Staying organized

Spend some time thinking on how to organize your things. Have a plan of action for the week and stick to it. Complete all your tasks in the time frame. Be ready to cut into your weekends to deliver something you promised.

Always check the quality of your work. Do not let anything to be desired. Do not give others an opportunity to find faults with your work.

3. Communicate for clarity

Always be clear on what you are expected to do. Setting expectations solves all your woes. Get all the expectations from you in writing. This serves as a proof in case confusions happen. Set expectations regularly. Don’t just do it at the start of the project. Do it regularly.

Communicate regularly with your management. Talk to them to understand more. Further your knowledge on your job, the process, the project and so on. Remember that knowledge is power. The more you know, the more you are sure about yourself.

4. Be confident and positive

There could be times, when you are not feeling confident. Never let this show on your face. Always walk, talk and behave confidently. This creates a positive impression on the minds of people watching you. Your confidence could be fake or real. It is not important. What is important is how you behave.

Always treat every situation positively. Look at ways to solving the problem. Do not find scapegoats for the problem. Do a root-cause analysis to identify the problem and devise ways to address it.

5. Be adaptable

You have to learn skills such as multitasking. You have to adapt according to the needs of your job. Do not grudge; just accept it as a part of your every day life.



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