6 Tips For Asking For A Raise

A salary hike is that one factor which excites every employee. More so, if you haven't received one for long time. However, this factor alone won't get you the desired or eligible hike. You also need to know the right time to ask for a raise. This is very crucial in order to get the hike. If you get this wrong, the chance of a salary hike is very bleak. The timing will surely decide whether you get that substantial raise in salary or not. The following are some tips that one needs to follow for getting that desired salary hike.

Project completion

It is considered as the most desirable time to ask for a hike. As soon as you finish a long or short term project successfully and your boss praises you, don’t hesitate even for a second to ask for a raise. This will ensure that you get all the reward for your hard work.

Start of a new project

The start of a new project could also be that perfect time. As soon as your boss entrusts you a new project, don’t even think twice to ask him for a raise in salary. He / she has to oblige to your plead since the new project has to be completed by you. It is always better to start a new project with a hike. That gives you tremendous confidence to do well.

Extra hours

When a particular project requires you to devote more time than usual, it is the right time for a hike. You may require staying back at office to meet the tight deadlines or devote personal time at home for getting the work done. You’ve every right to ask for a hike for this reason.


There are certain works which only a particular person can do. If you are that person without whom the new project cannot be accomplished, you are in for a salary hike. If you’re the most crucial member in a team on whom everything would revolve, it is your turn to get the appropriate remuneration.

Great results

 If your company has out performed the expectations and the profits have shot high, it is the right time for you to demand a raise in salary. You’ve your share of contribution for that success too.


If your work involves any specialization and you are putting more effort and time for it, you’ve the best reason to ask for a raise.



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