5 Factors in Great Customer Service

No matter whether a company sells insurance or baby care products, without excellent customer service it can lose the competitive edge. To woo new customers and retain old ones, companies need to treat them well and make them feel privileged. Happy customers spell success for a business as they can bring more customers and serve as publicity mediums.

Professional approach, prompt response

Nothing can irritate a customer more than the laid-back attitude of the customer service team of a company. Prompt response to customer calls and emails is the first step to pacify agitated and worried customers. Customers prefer companies that have professional customer service because they want quick solutions to their hassles. To build a professional image of a company for its customers, simplification is required. A lot of people get irate when they need to wait for several minutes to reach a customer care representative on phone.

Listen to what customers say

This is one golden rule that a lot of customer service representatives overlook. In many instances, customers feel angry when a customer care person interrupts them or tries to apprehend the issue quickly. They may feel ignored and this could lead to further tensions. Therefore, it is important to allow customers to speak out. Customer service persons should use humility as a weapon to pacify agitated customers and make them see reasons. Arguing with an already angry or upset customer does not cut much ice.

Use value added services

To make customers return to a brand, it is important to give them excellent service. Companies that offer freebies and surprise gifts to loyal customers always earn some brownie points from them. Brands that offer superb online support in forms of social medial integration and live chat are liked more by customers. These are preferred more over traditional e-mail these days.

Find opportunities in customer grievances

Intelligent customer service personnel can convert a grudging customer into a prospective buyer if they deal with him or her carefully. They can make the customer understand why a particular product does not suit their needs and how they can benefit from another. Customer grievances actually can help companies learn about aspects of specific products and services. Based on customer feedback given to customer care persons, companies can improve sales and increase customer base.

Appeal to customer psychology

Sometimes mails sent to customers asking them about suggestions and feedbackabout products work well. This makes the customers feel that the brand pays them importance. Certain psychological approaches implemented in customer care team works well for customer retention. For instance, shops that offer special care for toddlers and babies are liked by many shoppers.



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